The Nest

The Nest

אל תפספסי! רק חודש ו-שבוע נותרו להגשת תיק בטיחות

תקציר החלום

The Nest, a playa teahouse - a dreamy welcoming oasis in the desert: shade during the day; music, fire and tea - endless tea! - at night.

תיאור מלא של הרעיון

*** This year's project is an extension of what our team had successfully done before: we have brought a teahouse to the playa for two consecutive years (2015 & 2016) as a theme camp (see pictures). Ours was a loved, popular, vibrant space and we have received much positive feedback from the community. For this reason, we wish to expand our project and move it onto the playa, where we can evolve into an art installation and incorporate fire. ***

A Geodesic dome 6 meter in diameter, with an organic handmade cover which visually blends with the environment - yet stands out. Inside the dome there are hand-collaged low tables, pillows and mattresses designed to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere: beauty and design combine with comfort and good vibes. Tea from all over the world is offered every night along with tea ceremonies, button-making workshops, performances and other eclectic events. In front of the dome are 2x 500 watt speakers where international DJs will play eclectic ambient music - and special guests will live-stream from abroad. We will play music at non-intrusive volume - we are not a dance stage, just using ambient music for creating chill out atmosphere. Video art will be projected onto the ground at night - and the insides of the dome will function as a platform for displaying smaller 2- & 3-D art. Next to the dome - a wishing tree: a tradition we have held since 2015: a large gold-painted tree trunk with pieces of fabric to tie on and make a wish. The tree is to be burned at the Temple Burn. In front of the dome there will be a large fire-pit suspended a meter above the ground - a nest hanging off a branch of a crooked desert tree. Around the fire there will be cozy wooden sitting platforms. We envision ceremonious lighting of the fire each evening after sunset; we see people dancing around a fire-nest hanging in the air; we imagine people relax, have conversations, and drink tea inside the dome - or sitting next to the fire. In the daytime, the structure will offer a shady break to those wandering in the desert. Kid Friendly space: we have children of our own and welcome others!

על הקבוצה/אמן

Close-knit group of Burning Man and Midburn veterans wanting to share their love for beauty, music and tea with the Midburn community.

כיצד יכולים ברנרים נוספים להצטרף ליצירה שלכם?

Help maintain the tea house, bring firewood, DJ, bring art to display inside the dome, offer a workshop or a performance. We love spontaneity!

מה זה?

מזל טוב! נתקלתם במשהו מיוחד! מידברן זה הדבר הכי מדהים שיש. אתם אפילו לא יכולים לתאר לעצמכם את הרעיונות הייחודיים, והמפורכים שאנשים ממציאים בשביל הדבר הזה! בום!