Chameleon Art Car


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There is a species of chameleon that lives in the desert called a Midburn chameleon
(Chamaeleo Midburnis)

Full description of the concept

הזיקית מאופיינת בעיקר ביכולת לשנות את צבע עורה
מסוגלת לנוע לכיוונים שונים באופן בלתי תלוי

About the group/Artist

THE OTHER HALF OF THE BEAVER - international artist group participated in all Midburns.

2014 - Theme Camp - TabulaRasa
2015 - Theme Camp - Kaleidoscope
2016 - Theme Camp - Ball Therapy
2016 - Art Installation - Explanation №2
2017 - Art Installation - BubbleDreams
2017 - Art Installation - Speak out!
2018 - Art Installation - The Boat
2019 - The Chameleon Art car

What is this?

Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special! Midburn is some awesome fucking shit. We dream together and breathe life into our mad and wondrous creations. Dreams need matter to come to life, and this is where we share resources to make that happen.