The Dream Weaver



A sacred science phenomena. This giant sine wave generator is a science experiment turned art. Come bastardize the waves and create new forms that mesmerize the eyes and mind.

Full description of the concept

The Dream Weaver is a colorful kinetic sine wave generator measuring 10 meters long, 4 meters tall and 2 meters wide. A tall aluminum mast is at each end with an aluminum horizontal light bar at shoulder level spanning the gap. On one end is an electric motor with a decorative 26" wheel rotating at 900 revolutions per minute that creates the sacred science phenomena. Above the light bar, a long swirling tornado like entity of energy traveling at speeds of 300 km/h is tied to the rotating wheel and illuminated by the lights below. During times of supervised interaction, the 3 dimensional wave energy forms can be manipulated by participants who use their hands to directly engage with the string by pulling it or running their hands along its swirling length. Others add additional materials to the string which create new "whippers" which extend away from the wave due to centripetal forces. These whippers are unique with each addition. Simply toss a whipper into the tornado and watch as it is instantly becomes a new addition to the art piece. A preprogrammed DMX light controller allows users to change the appearance of the phenomena at the press of a button or they may prefer to create new non-programmed illusions. The experience is seen, heard, touched and you can even fucking taste it if you like.

About the group/Artist

Just your average Black Rock Citizen running from the Trump Nightmare.

How can other burners co-create with you?

The piece requires supervision during times of interactivity. Volunteers are trained to make sure participants understand and follow the simple rules before they interact with it. If they break the rules and break the Weaver, they drop their pants while you fix it. Its pretty simple and a lot of fun.

What is this?

Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special! Midburn is some awesome fucking shit. We dream together and breathe life into our mad and wondrous creations. Dreams need matter to come to life, and this is where we share resources to make that happen.