Bound in Complexity

Benjamin Langholz

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I will build a dome using Kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage) techniques. People can enter and find themselves surrounded by a mesh of rope and mirrors. The idea is to give a feeling of bondage without touching the person in the space.

Full description of the concept

I will build a dome. It will be a little taller than a person, and big enough for 8-10 people to be inside at once. It will be a place where people can spend time, with cushions on the floor. The dome will be made up of a web pattern made entirely from red rope tied together by hand. There will be several opening for people to enter the dome on different sides, all of which will require the visitor to duck as they enter, to become smaller before they can be inside. When they enter they will feel a bit trapped. Some people may find this claustrophobic, or intense. While others will find it comforting. Inside they will relax in this web. Woven into the web will be many mirrors. The mirrors will also be tied. This will not only expand the space and complexity of the web, but also show people their own face, and different body parts covered in rope. This will further the feeling of being bound. Being tied is a very strong experience. A natural high. I think this feeling is extremely important because it shows people a bit of magic in the world without the ingestion of any foreign substance into the body. By creating a space like this I'm attempting to give as many people as possible a taste of the feeling of Kinbaku.

About the group/Artist

I currently live in Tokyo where I study Kinbaku, the art of Japanese rope bondage. Not only do I tie people, but I'm exploring building installations and creating unique spaces using rope as the medium.

How can other burners co-create with you?

I would love help from anyone who would like to participate.

I will need help before hand in Tel Aviv gathering materials. Rope, mirrors, wood (for supports), and things to anchor the structure to the playa. This would actually be extremely helpful for me, since I don't speak hebrew and have no idea where to find these things :)

On Playa I would love help setting up the structural supports, and tying the web. It is relatively simple to tie, and I can teach people the technique quickly.

During the burn it would be amazing to have help monitoring the installation. Making sure that the structure is holding. Fixing any rope that may have weakened. Watching for any MOOP such as mirrors falling off or stray rope.

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